ABOUT Our Company; AquaticGames

 Aquatic Games’ mission is to provide behavioral enrichment feeding devices for captive aquatic animals (pet fish) for both public and private sectors. Instead of the daily feeding ritual being a chore, FinBall turns “Feeding time into game time“. Thus establishing a healthier, happier experience for pet owns as well as their pets.

Behavioral enrichment is an animal husbandry principle that seeks to enhance the quality of captive animal care by providing the environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being. In other words, by providing a challenging feeding experience aquatic animals’ well-being is improved. This challenge is what Marine Biologists call “Enrichment Feeding”.


“Customer submitted video of Goldfish engaging the  FinBall Enrichment Feeder”

Three FinBall Purchasing Options Available


Aquatic Games FinBall Original Enrichment Fish Feeder

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Case of 24

Aquatic Games FinBall Enrichment Feeder Original Case of 24 FinBalls

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Carton of 192

FinBall Enrichment Feeder Original Carton: Contents 8 Cases (192 FinBalls)

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Customer Testimonials


Greg Harris
Trumbull, CT

“My kids were never interested in feeding the fish until they started using FinBall. Now they do it everyday just to watch their goldfish play.”


Cassie Spencer
Bridgeport, CT

“This is such a neat little toy and my fish seem to love it!”


Jack Hammel
Newington, CT

“I first learned about Enrichment Feeding when I visited our local aquarium and was excited find the FinBall.”


Victoria Evans
Hartford, CT

“FinBall will probably go viral!”